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EMT (v1, v3, v3.1, v4, v4.1, v4.2) - Kneip


With Kneip you can ensure compliance with target market disclosure, and that market standards are met. Kneip can help you ensure compliance with target market disclosure, and make sure that market standards are met. With over 30 data vendors and hundreds of intermediaries receiving target market information, we provide a full solution to manage and control the different sections. As definitions of target market for ‘active’, ‘inactive’ and ‘not launched’ share classes are supported, you can see a full audit trail on who changed what and when. We can also provide a quality control process and the ability to upload full or partial target market updates.


  • Support target market definitions in all industry standard formats including EMT (for Microsoft Excel), CSV, FundsXML and Openfunds
  • Reduce administrative effort to centralise and manage target market definitions
  • Facilitate data imports via standardised file formats on full and partial data sets
  • Ensure annual certification of product governance with expiry date at ISIN level

What's included?

  • Inbound target market data
  • Management and monitoring of
    target market
  • Audit and download functionality

EMT v4 is here!

Some of the fields on the existing EMT v3 and EMT v3.1 have been replicated on the EET. Therefore, the introduction of this new template triggered an update of the EMT in order to avoid duplication across templates.

Our products can support your compliance efforts with the MiFID directive

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